Year after year, Australian doctors more and more often express their concern about the increasing number of people suffering from overweight. Obesity problem in adults and children is becoming more relevant for Australia. If only physical loads and diets are insufficient for weight loss, Australian physicians can advise a medical way to struggle against overweight.

One of the drugs to fight obesity is Duromine. This drug has proven itself in Australia as a quite effective means for treatment of all types of obesity.

Positive reviews and perfect results after Duromine use have made this drug very popular for obesity treatment not only in Australia, but also in New Zealand and South Africa.

Mechanism of Duromine action is to suppress appetite. Active substance Phentermine included in Duromine is sympathomimetic amine and is used as anorectic means.

Obesity treatment by means of Duromine should not last more than 10-12 weeks. For the best effect, physicians recommend their patients to combine Duromine with physical exercises and reduced-calorie diet. Duromine drug is usually prescribed to adults and adolescents over 12 years old.

Duromine is a powerful drug for weight loss and cannot be taken only on the friend’s advice or advertising on forums. This drug should be used under the supervision of skilled doctor, strictly following his recommendations.

What is Duromine dose?

Due to that Duromine is supplied in different dosages, the doctor has an opportunity to choose an individual dose for every patient. Typically, the initial dose of Duromine is 30 mg obesity treatment is started with.

Duromine capsules are taken in the morning during the breakfast with water. Herewith, pay attention to fat content of the food you use. Fatty food may reduce the absorption rate of Duromine; consequently, therapeutic effect of the capsules can be reduced.

Duromine 15 mg and 40 mg capsules can be used as maintenance doses when treating obesity. Do not increase the therapeutic Duromine dose on your own; this can contribute to the occurrence of side effects.

Any change in the dose or occurrence of any adverse reactions should be discussed with the treating physician. Despite that side effects during Duromine use are not a rare phenomenon, they usually go away quickly and the patient does not experience much discomfort.

What are Duromine adverse reactions?

Within the first weeks of Duromine use, while the person’s body adapts to the changes that this anorectic drug causes, the following side effects can be dryness and unpleasant taste in the mouth, tachycardia, fatigue, nausea, insomnia and high blood pressure.

The person should not stop using Duromine to treat obesity because of insignificant side effects. A properly chosen dose of Duromine, adherence to the doctor’s recommendations and exclusion of polypharmacy will make slimming process easy and effective.