Phentermine is one of the best medications for obesity treatment in Australia. Many people know that Phentermine appetite suppressant reduces body weight, but few of them know what effect this medication causes on their bodies.

In this review, the most important Phentermine effects on the main organs and systems of the human body will be considered.  Questions and Answers about Phentermine will help you to increase efficacy of anti-obesity treatment, and will reduce a risk of adverse reactions.

  • How does Phentermine affect on the body weight?


The CNS stimulant – Phentermine helps patients to suppress the appetite, to reduce consumption of high-calorie food and to increase the burning rate of subcutaneous or visceral fat. A regular use of this medication helps people to reduce the body weight by 5-15% in just 8-12 weeks.

To make Phentermine work more effectively than ever, you need to enhance your physical activity and reduce the daily intake of calories. The lifestyle change will help you to take your appetite and body weight under control, after you have finished the weight loss therapy with Phentermine.

  • How does Phentermine affect on the brain?


Phentermine is classified as a psychostimulant. The anorexigenic drug affects the separate parts of the brain, stimulating production of special chemical substances in the brain and suppressing the appetite.

Unfortunately, the efficiency of Phentermine diet pills reduces with time. In about 6 weeks of using the drug, you may notice the anorexigenic effect gets weaker. The maximum recommended time of anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine is 12 weeks.

  • How does Phentermine affect on the heart?


The mechanism of Phentermine action is not only to suppress the appetite, but also to enhance the blood pressure. A slight increase in the blood pressure can be good for your health – the body gets more oxygen and speeds up the metabolism.

Obese people with mild to moderate heart disease should use Phentermine with caution. If needed, the doctor can recommend to initiate the anti-obesity treatment with a minimal dose of Phentermine 15mg per day.

  • How does Phentermine affect on the immune system?


The reduction of fat deposits strengthens the immune system. Normal work of the immune system helps the body to reduce a risk of infectious or viral disease, for instance, colds.

Combined with healthy nutrition, Phentermine normalizes microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, regulates the immune system and helps to remove bad substances from the body. This improves the work of body organs and endocrine glands (for example, thyroid gland).

  • How does Phentermine affect on the liver?


A balanced diet can normalize lipid metabolism in the liver, reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood plasma and improving the insulin sensitivity.

Phentermine is metabolized in the liver and excreted from the body in a natural way. Severe liver disease is in the list of Phentermine contraindications.

  • How does Phentermine affect on the reproductive system?


Men must take into account that Phentermine can temporary reduce their libido and affect erectile function. However, keep in mind that a gradual weight loss and lifestyle change enhance sexual drive.

Just as any other CNS stimulants, Phentermine may affect the physical or psychological development of the fetus. That is why Phentermine-containing drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Many pharmaceutical companies produce Phentermine weight loss pills. Therefore, prices for Phentermine generic drugs may vary significantly.

Obese people can buy cheap Phentermine pills on Australian online pharmacies. In addition, they can get discounts and bonuses from the manufacturer. For instance, when you order a large pack of this drug, the price per one Phentermine pill becomes lower.