Metermine is a central-acting drug, used for treatment of overweight or obesity. Metermine capsules contain 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of active pharmaceutical ingredient – Phentermine (as an ion exchange resin).

Obese people can buy Metermine 15mg, 30mg and 40mg capsules in different Asia and the Pacific countries. In some countries, the maximum dose – Metermine 40mg is not available.

Metermine (Phentermine) is intended for a short-term therapy of obesity, combined with changes in the lifestyle. The medication is prescribed to adult people and children over 12 years old, if needed.

Metermine 15mg is the minimum daily dose. The active substance Phentermine may cause various sleep disorders, therefore it is better to use this medication in the first half of the day.

The best time to take one Metermine 15mg capsule is during breakfast. To swallow the pill easily, take it with a glass of water. Do not break or chew the capsules, because it can change the absorption rate of the active substance.

If you have never bought Metermine 15mg, check out its packaging and color of the capsules. The capsule shell is of two colors – grey and green. Each half of the capsule has an imprint “Metermine 15mg”. Colors of the capsules of other dosages differ.

Metermine 15mg oral capsules should never be given to other people, even if they suffer from obesity. Metermine is the CNS stimulant and some overweight patients must never use it.

Phentermine is a psychostimulant and thus the contraindications list of Metermine contains different mental diseases, like depression. The active ingredient Phentermine can affect the heart work; therefore, it is contraindicated for people with moderate or severe cardiovascular diseases.

Metermine is prescribed as anti-obesity monotherapy. Metermine 15mg capsules must never be used together with other prescription or over-the-counter weight loss drugs. This might cause side effects or other negative reactions.

Metermine 15 mg dosage can be less effective than 30 mg or 40 mg, but sometimes the anti-obesity treatment should be started exactly with this dosage. People with various hepatic or renal disorders should use Phentermine 15 mg dose first. If you need and you have no side effects, the dose can be increased.

If recommended dose is not determined, you should better buy a small pack of Metermine 15 mg. In case Metermine 15mg provides you with a great weight loss without excruciating hunger, then the daily dose must not be increased. Besides, the capsules of the minimum dose let you reduce the cost of anti-obesity therapy.

The price on Metermine 15 mg pills depends on the country you live and the pharmacy you buy them. Usually, online pharmacies have lower prices on Metermine 15 mg comparing to regular pharmacies. If Phentermine-based drugs are not available in your country, then online pharmacies are the only way to buy Metermine 15 mg pills.