Dieticians develop a nutrition program for a person, guided by the individual characteristics of his body and lifestyle. As a rule, dieticians are perceived as people that make up a meal plan. However, representatives of this profession are first of all doctors who understand how dangerous excess weight for health is. Before talking about the diet for a particular patient, the dieticians recommend to undergo a number of medical examinations.

To independently determine the amount of excess weight in your body, take a test to identify the body mass index (BMI) on one of the Internet resources. On the site with the test, you will also find a description of the group you belong to and general recommendations for the figure correction: to lose or gain weight.

What extra weight is considered the most dangerous? Any fatty deposits exceeding the norm increase the risk of concomitant diseases.

What do the competent doctors of different countries advise obese people for weight loss? Of course, they all are against most diets, which can be found on the Internet in abundance. Even if such diets help to lose a couple of kilograms, they will seriously harm the person’s health. A sharp weight loss always occurs at the expense of the reduction of muscle tissue, rather than fatty one.

After coming out of the express or mono-diet, kilograms come back in almost 100% of cases. Having lost muscles during weight loss, you quickly get fat tissue in their place. The result of strict diets is aggravation of the excess weight problem, metabolism slowing, development of the gastrointestinal diseases and other ailments, deterioration of the skin, hair and nails condition, as well as depression.

An American dietician Michael Dansinger does not convince people with excess weight to see the doctor right away. Even in obesity, the first stage of weight loss can be done without the specialist’s supervision. It is better not to trust information from the Internet, but buy a book of a trusted author in a bookstore. Guided by it, you can correct the deficiencies in your diet and take the first step to slimness.


However, the doctor’s role is sometimes very important in the weight loss process. If you do not differ in strong willpower, the dietitian can become one to whom you will feel responsibility and not to give up dieting. It is even better to find a nutrition instructor who will be with you throughout the weight loss period.

There are many ways to reduce body weight. If one method does not suit you, then do not despair immediately. Conservation with a nutritionist will help you to choose the weight loss program that will finally lead to success.

Each nutritionist realizes that weight loss is a complex process. In addition to changes in eating, you need include a sufficient physical activity. Doctors ask those who are not used to do sports not to be afraid of. You can start with an ordinary half-hour walk per day, gradually increasing its pace. This is a good exercise at the initial stage, especially having a large body weight. After a few days, increase the walk time to an hour and then follow a 7-day walk plan every week.

When the weight starts to decrease, you will feel how much easier it became to do sports. Slowly include exercises with light dumbbells (0.5-1 kg), as well as jogging. Increase the load so that your body does not stop losing weight. Get pleasure from physical activity. As a result, playing sports will not be a punishment, but a pleasant and useful way to spend time.

General rules of weight loss diet

  • Do not refuse from food at all. Fasting causes a lot of disorders in the body that makes it very difficult to lose weight.
  • Count the calories. First, determine the level of your metabolism. You can take the test on one of the sites devoted to metabolism. Having learned the number of daily calories needed to maintain your body, multiply it by the activity coefficient. This coefficient depends on the physical load you practice every day. All the necessary data are available on the site with the test. Subtract 500 calories from the result obtained and you will get energy value your daily diet should have, so that your body begins to lose fat reserves.
  • Stick to diet. This is 4 – 5 meals a day every 2-3 hours. This is a full breakfast, nutritious lunch and light dinner. The last food intake should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. To prevent excess weight, eat only low-fat dairy products after 20.00.
  • Divide the products so that to eat complex carbohydrates, protein and a little fat for breakfast. Consume meat or fish with vegetables for lunch. Proteins, such as lean fish, cottage cheese, low-fat dairy products are best for dinner. The proportion of slow carbohydrates should be 50% of the diet, the proportion of protein – 30%-40%, and fat – 10%-20% for the person losing weight.
  • Observe a proper body water balance. Lack of water makes a person sluggish, irritable, reduces his ability to mental and physical labor, as well as provokes headaches and other ailments. If you drink less than 1.5 liters of water per day, your body most likely feels a deficit of moisture. During slimming, water is an integral component of the entire weight loss system, since it facilitates fat splitting.