Diets described in this article are considered to be the most popular at the moment.
We offer a list of the most popular modern diets.

Dukan’s diet

In November 2011, Dukan Diet was slammed by the British Dietetic Association, claimed it to be the most harmful in the world. But millions of people, who successfully lost weight with this diet, never agree with it.

Dukan Diet has appeared over ten years ago, but became popular in 2010-2011, when many celebs, including Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Jenkins, Kate Middleton, appeared to be its adherents. Now millions of people around the world are known to keep to this diet.

Dukan's Diet

Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French nutritionist, revealed this idea in his youth, when one of his friends did not eat anything for five days other than protein food and water, and has lost a few kilos.

Impressed, Dukan has spent decades for development of the diet concept intended to make a revolution in the global war on obesity.

Diet consists of four stages.

  • The first stage assumes only protein – meat, fish, eggs – and about 3 liters of water a day. During this period, the weight is significantly reduced.
  • At the second phase, protein days are alternating with days when you can eat some vegetables.
  • At the third stage, some fruits, potato, rice are allowed.
  • The fourth stage (according to Dukan, it is supposed to last for the whole life), you can eat normally, however, should comply with three rules.

Firstly, every day to eat three tablespoons of oat bran, secondly, forget about elevators and escalators, and thirdly, one day per week you should eat protein food only.

According to the British Dietetic Association, the celebs’ favorite diet is too dangerous because its radical phase involves a full rejection of two nutrients, important for the body, – carbohydrates and fats.

Fans of Dukan’s theory (calculating millions – over 500 subject-dedicated websites and blogs) argue pointing that the diet seems to be radical only at the first stage, which lasts under ten days.

And the rest diet stages are balanced enough, and the diet is considered to be the most effective for fast weight loss.

Fat free diet

One of gaining popularity in US diets is based on the American Heart Association’s recommendations. The main principle – strict calory distribution. Only 10% of daily calories should come from saturated fats. The rest should be from low-fat products.

The main purpose of any diet is not weight loss but decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases. According to the Association, clinical trials revealed impressive results.

A group of volunteers uses no more than 1.500 calories a day (for women) and 1.800 for men. Subjects demonstrated the lowest level of the body depletion compared to other modern diets.

Fat Free Diet

But the weight loss speed with the “fat free” diet takes the second place after radical Dukan Diet.

Zone diet

Another diet is based on strict control and continuous use of a calculator.

A key principle is consumption of certain nutrient ratio with each meal.

Every time you eat, your meal should contain 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 30% protein.

Zone Diet

The diet authors also highlight a key role of an insulin level in losing weight.

Fats should be consumed strictly from olive oil, avocados, nuts. The method is quite effective, nutritionist Barry Sears says, however, it requires self-discipline.

Weight Watchers Diet

Weight Watchers is a large company with worldwide branches.

The main feature of the Weight Watchers philosophy is a combination of diet, exercise and psychological support.
The company was set out in 1960 by a housewife who lost weight and was afraid to gain it again. So she created a circle of friends who met regularly to discuss struggle against overweight.

Weight Watchers Diet

Today, the dieters may attend support meetings, both in person or online.

As for the diet, its main principle – to get up from the table with mild hunger feeling.

Regarding the choice of products, Weight Watchers have made a huge rating of all products, each was given a certain score.

  • The total number of scores allowed for a day, is limited appropriately for each weight category.

The number of scores allowed per day increases, if a person does not ignore sports. The method can not be called a radical, because it allows many products strictly forbidden in other diets.

Atkins Diet

The famous Atkins diet has been considered to be ideal for many years. It is about insulin control, achieved by increasing protein products and reducing carbohydrates.
The logic is that consuming carbohydrates increases the blood insulin sharply with subsequent decline.

The sharp rise of insulin makes the body to deposit energy obtained from the meal in the form of fats.

Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet, as well as other weight loss methods restricting carbohydrate consumption has often been criticized in recent years.

Mainly because the body produces less glucose, necessary for normal mental activity.

Vegetarian Diet

There are many kinds of vegetarianism and a variety of motives encouraging people not to eat meat, or even any animal products.

Often, these motives are based on various ethical considerations or religious views.
However, many nutritionists convince their patients that vegetarianism can be accepted by a simple common sense.

Vegetarian Diet

Several clinical studies have shown that vegetarians have less weight, less suffer from common cardiovascular diseases.

Their average life expectancy is longer comparing to meat-eaters.

As a rule, these indicators are observed not in radical vegetarians avoiding any products of animal origin, but in those eating eggs, dairy products, and honey.

South Beach Diet

Another diet considered to be a long-term gold standard along with the Atkins diet, was created by cardiologist Dr.

Arthur Agatston and dietician Marie Almon.

Their recommendations also primarily are related to blood insulin control and moderate carbohydrate consumption.

Dr. Agatson also stated that he had developed this diet upon different diets limiting fat intake revealed to be ineffective.

South Beach Diet

The main principles – after a strict two-week phase, you can eat almost everything without any restrictions.

The list of forbidden products includes potatoes, white rice, pasta, bread, and sweets. The method is considered to be very easy, but slow comparing to new radical diets for fast overweight loss.

Jesus Diet

If people find what Jesus Christ said so important, why not to follow his example in eating?

So says American dietetic Don Colbert, author of the acclaimed bestseller, “What would Jesus eat.”Colbert studied fragments of the Old and New Testaments where food was mentioned.

Jesus Diet

“If you truly want to follow Jesus in every area of your life, you cannot ignore your eating habits,” – says Colbert.

In his work, he described a hypothetical diet of Jesus, and his book became very popular in the US and other countries.

Jesus ate primarily natural foods in their natural states, Colbert claimed, describing the basics of the biblical diet: wheat bread, fruit, water, and red wine.

  • Meat is likely to be rare in the diet of Christ, but he ate fish regularly, says the nutritionist.

Some specialists tend to agree with Colbert that ancient diets can be resonable in our days. They say that the Bible does not approve pork and seafood such as shrimps and crabs, and today this fact can be logically explained.

These products contain arachidonic acid, which accelerates fat deposition in the body.

Raw Food Diet

This diet can be called young (it appeared recently in the US and Western Europe), but on the other hand, its roots go back millennia.

People were eating raw food thousands of years, and just recently began to process food in the fire. Raw food is natural for humans, raw foodists claim, moreover, all the food and drinks must be organic with no chemical additives.

Raw Food Diet

Realizing how difficult it to achieve in the modern world, raw foodists say at least two thirds should be strictly organic and unprocessed.

  • It is not surprising that most raw foodists are vegetarians limiting animal products consumption.

There are no medical objections to the diet, except warning about possible complications at the beginning for people with stomach problems. The thermal food processing facilitates absorption.

Mediterranean Diet

A diet is very popular in Europe.

Its basic rules are rooted in dietary patterns of the population of Greece, Crete and the southern regions of Italy.

Mediterranean Diet
  • The diet involves eating mostly fresh fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, olive oil (as the main fat source), cheese and yogurt, fish and poultry (sometimes meat).

Also, the diet consists of low doses of dry red wine.

If strictly keep to the Mediterranean diet, a fat share in the diet should not exceed 30%, nutritionists emphasize.

Some clinical studies have shown that though this way of eating is not one of the leaders in the fight against overweight, it contributes to prophylaxis of many diseases.

Regular consumption of olive oil, vegetables, fruits and red wine is believed to explain the surprising fact that in Greece, where most of the population smokes, lung cancer is reported less comparing to many European countries.


Please, be aware that any of the above diets should not be used until discussed with your doctor or dietitian.

Thoughtless use of diets could affect adversely your health and even result in diseases.

  • It could be a risk to your health!