Ionamin, as well as other drugs containing Phentermine active substance, is used for treatment of excess weight or obesity. The price of Ionamin is a little bit lower than that of similar appetite suppressants. Therefore, the drug is very popular among consumers.

Ionamin is included in ARTG, but is not sold at Australian pharmacies. A marketing status of Ionamin in Australia: “only for export “. Therefore, in 2016, Ionamin pills are not available at certified Australian pharmacies.

Australian exporter of Ionamin is Proqualix Pty Ltd. This company offers best prices for Ionamin, but works only with wholesale pharmaceutical distributors. Online pharmacies that accept orders for delivery of drugs for weight loss to Australia and other countries can act as retail distributors of Ionamin.

Before you buy an anorexigenic drug, it is better to compare the prices for Ionamin on different online pharmacies. Each pharmacy holds its own pricing policy. You can see an affordable price for Ionamin (Phentermine) on independent online pharmacies. They do not have such costs as ordinary pharmacies have and thus they can offer low prices for Ionamin.

To reduce the costs of anti-obesity treatment, it is recommended to check out the price per one pill. If you buy a large pack (100 pills), then the price of a daily dose of Ionamin is lower than for a small pack. Usually, patients take one Ionamin 30 mg pill per day within three months. Sometimes, it is more appropriate to take two slimming pills Ionamin 15 mg per day. Ordering two large packs of Ionamin 15, or 30 mg bought online, you can get a discount.