Approximately two in three of Australian adults have some issues with overweight or obesity. Any attempts Australians lose weight by means of diets and sport not always give a positive result. However, the results are getting much better when obese people add Ionamin slimming pills into anti-obesity therapy.

Ionamin slimming drug is prescribed first of all to obese people, who could not lose even a few pounds within a long time. Ionamin acts in the satiety center in the brain and thereby blocks the feeling of hunger. Thus, people taking Ionamin slimming pills, need a minimal serving of food to feel full.

Ionamin is prescribed to people with a BMI 30 and higher, or BMI 27 and higher but accompanied with some comorbidities (e.g. hypertension, dyslipidemia, and cholecystitis). Ionamin slimming pills are administered as a short-term adjunct to special weight loss programs (balanced diet and high physical activity).

One course of Ionamin anti-obesity therapy lasts 12 weeks. A longer use of Ionamin slimming tablets may cause physical or psychological dependence. It is recommended to begin a weight loss pharmacotherapy with a single dose of Ionamin 30 mg. If side effects occur during the use of Ionamin 30 mg slimming pills (sleeplessness, dry mouth, diarrhea and dizziness), the dose of Ionamin 30mg can be divided into two intakes.

An Ionamin 15 mg slimming pill is a minimal dose for weight loss. Obese people with kidney and (or) liver dysfunction are recommended to begin the drug therapy with a minimal dose of Ionamin 15 mg.

Please note that Ionamin stimulates the central nervous system and thus it can violate night sleep. To reduce the risk of sleeplessness during anti-obesity therapy, people should take Ionamin slimming pills no later than 6-8 hours before sleep.

To get a stable therapeutic effect, a patient should take Ionamin at the same time daily. Mostly, Ionamin is taken on an empty stomach every morning. Thus, one slimming pill reduces the appetite all day long.

If Ionamin taken on an empty stomach, causes stomachache, diarrhea or any other gastrointestinal side effects, a patient should use the slimming pill 1-2 hours after food intake.

The advantage of Ionamin over other slimming pills is its appetite suppressant effect, as well as metabolism improvement. As you know, the bigger the body mass, the slower the metabolism. Therefore, a reduction of fat tissue in the body during the use of Ionamin helps to speed up the metabolism.

Considering that during nighttime sleep the metabolism is slow, breakfast launches the metabolism in the morning. If a person does not have breakfast in the morning, then his metabolism remains slow all day long. The worst thing is when you starve yourself, because in this case the metabolism almost stops in the body.

Despite the fact that Ionamin is an appetite suppressant, it speeds up the metabolism and prevents re-accumulation of fat deposits. To keep an optimal level of metabolism during Ionamin pharmacotherapy, people should make up a proper diet regime.

Daily diet should consist of 5-6 meals per day, when you use Ionamin slimming pills. Take small servings, but more often than you usually do. If interval between meals is 3 hours maximum, then the metabolism remains normal all the time.

If people keep following the same eating habits they have formed during anti-obesity therapy and lead an active life, then they will be able to maintain normal body weight for long time. Obesity is a chronic disease; therefore, the treatment must be permanent.