Do you want to lose weight quickly and efficiently, without tedious and exhausting physical activity and diets? Such an option is possible. All you need to do is to buy Ionamin pills online manufactured in Australia on online pharmacies in Australia and New Zealand.

Ionamin – is an anorectic drug that promotes rapid weight loss and affects the brain regions regulating a person’s appetite. Due to stimulation of the central nervous system, the feeling of hunger disappears for long.

Obese person gradually gets used to consume smaller amount of food, and the body begins to use fat deposits as an energy source that have accumulated because of overeating. So when obese person takes Ionamin, he does not feel hungry for a long time, he is full of strength and energy.

Ionamin capsules taken daily will help to efficiently burn fat deposits accumulated under the skin. Fat burner capsules Ionamin aim to work on the “problematic” areas like abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

These pills help in difficult struggle against decreased appetite, without which many attempts to lose weight are doomed to failure. The result of the use of Ionamin as an appetite suppressant – it’s a pleasant feeling of satiety, and it allows you to gradually reduce the amount of food eaten.

Ionamin ensures retention of the achieved results even after completing a course of Ionamin application. Miles is not the main dream of all those who began the struggle for weight reduction – to keep the achieved results as long as possible to start the right life.

Ionamin is supplied as 15mg and 30mg modified release capsules. As a rule, Ionamin capsules are taken once daily in the morning during breakfast; avoid using these capsules in the evening, because they may cause insomnia.

The duration and dosage regimen of these appetite suppressant capsules can be different. Typically, the duration of Ionamin therapy is from 4-6 weeks to 3 months (maximum) for obesity treatment.

In certain cases, intermittent regimen is used in obesity therapy, which consists of four weeks of daily Ionamin administration, and then similar period without medication.

It’s worth noting that people older than 60 and younger than 18 years old are encouraged to refrain from taking Ionamin, as well as those who suffer from any cardiovascular disease, during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Scientists have long been saying about negative impact of obesity on overall health. According to data of 2007-2008, about 30.9% of female population in Australia aged 15 years and older was overweight and 24% – obese. Among men (aged 15 years and older), this figure is 42.1% and 25.6% respectively.

Obesity problem is relevant not only for Australians but also for residents of the UK and the USA, therefore, appetite suppressant Ionamin is also used to fight obesity in these countries.

In the USA, 4.3% of the total number of men aged 20 years and older suffered from morbid obesity, this figure is 8% among women according to survey of 2011-2012. 29.7% of female residents suffered from overweight and 35.8% – obesity. Among men, 33.3% were obese and 37.8% were overweight.