Green tea

Green tea is no longer a rarity in our life. Still 5000 years ago, the legendary Emperor Shen Nung propagandized the miraculous power of green tea. Currently, the positive effect of green tea on the body is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. Green tea contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B5 and provitamin A. It is also a rich source of minerals and trace elements, for example, manganese, fluorine, iron, magnesium and zinc.

Green tea burns fats perfectly! Flavonoids, contained in this wonderful drink, purify blood vessels and help lower cholesterol level. Saponins protect the blood vessels from fat-containing deposits preventing them from entering the circulatory system.

As you can see, green tea is the ideal drink not only during a diet, but also in everyday life. If you regularly drink green tea, you will strengthen your immunity, will improve digestion process and circulatory system function, as well as will be able even to prevent occurrence of cancer diseases. Japanese scientists found polyphenol EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) in green tea. During animal experiments, it was found that it prevents the growth of tumors and reduces development of metastases.

Green tea benefits

Green tea has another interesting property. Unlike coffee and black tea, green tea contains theine, rather than pure caffeine, but they both are known for their exciting effects, however theine is absorbed by the body gradually, so its exciting effect is less pronounced, but it give energy – stimulates mental and physical performance for a longer time. As a result, you will feel yourself energetic even after a few hours. Green tea is especially recommended to consume at work, since it improves the stomach function and mental activity, calms the nervous system, and relieves stress.

Green tea benefits

Recommended variety of tea

There is a huge number of varieties of tea on sale. It is recommend the following:

  • Japanese Sencha tea – it contains little caffeine
  • Chinese tea Lu Shang Wu – has a delicate noble taste

Both varieties of tea are easily digested and have a pleasant taste.

Properly brewed tea

It is very important to brew tea properly. Improperly brewed tea is often bitter and unpleasant to the taste. To avoid this, take into account the following points:

Tea leaves should be added much less than that of black tea. Three teaspoons of green tea are sufficient per one liter of water. Green tea leaves should be placed in a preheated teapot. Never buy tea bags;

Boil the water. Brew only quality water, if the water contains a lot of lime, the taste will be worse;

Do not pour boiled water immediately. Leave the boiling water to cool for at least 5 minutes. Then pour water over the tea leaves and do not mix;

Never brew green tea for a long time. Two-three minutes are enough for the first brew. Green tea can be brewed 2-3 times, thus the tea tastes even better.

Use green tea in its pure form

Do not add sugar and milk to green tea. Even if it is difficult for you at first. You will feel the aroma of green tea only using it in its pure form. Soon you will get used to this taste and will not be able to abandon it.

It is quite possible to drink two teapots of green tea per day. Remember that green tea invigorates, albeit in a softer form. Therefore, it should be consumed mainly in the daytime. If you treasure your sleep, it is worth to abandon it after 6 pm.

Herbal teas while dieting

Certainly, you can drink herbal teas during the diet. They are ideal for any diet and are often recommended as teas for fasting. There is a huge amount of herbal teas at your disposal. Classical varieties – tea with chamomile, mint, fennel, as well as with rosehip and mallow. Tea with fennel is good for fasting day, because fennel cleanses the intestines, facilitates the digestion process, helps to get rid of flatulence and has a calming effect.

However, unlike water, cocktails from juice and mineral water, as well as green tea, herbal teas should not be consumed in large quantities. Remember that many of them are medicines. If you consume them in large quantities, you may experience nausea and diarrhea. One-two cups of herbal tea a day is sufficient.

The best fat burning drinks

In fact, all the drinks that you drink, for example during fasting days burn fat, even water. When you drink pure, mineral water, you suppress your appetite. In addition, your body is cleansed, harmful substances are removed from it and you do not consume any calories!

Help cleanse your body

Here is a list of drinks that most actively burn fats:

  • water with apple cider vinegar;
  • lemon juice and apple juice + mineral water;
  • orange juice + mineral water;
  • grapefruit juice + mineral water;
  • elderberry decoction / elderberry tea and green tea;
  • whey.

Add honey instead of sugar

Do not sweeten your drinks with sugar. Tea with fennel, mint and rosehip is better to drink without sugar. If you love sweet, replace sugar with honey. However, do not abuse it, just one teaspoon per cup.

Help cleanse your body

Although coffee and black tea, even if not to add milk and sugar, do not contribute to weight gain, are also contraindicated, since they inhibit the process of the body cleansing. If you really want to achieve the maximum effect during your diet, that is, not only to lose weight, but also to cleanse yourself – physiologically and mentally, you should give up the following:




Grapefruit juice + mineral water

Elderberry decoction / elderberry tea and green tea