Duromine sympathomimetic amine is used for treatment in overweight or obese people. The drug stimulates separate parts of the brain, suppressing the appetite and helping people to reduce the amount of food, including food of high-energy value.

Unlike other weight loss capsules (like Qsymia), Duromine contains only one active pharmaceutical ingredient – Phentermine. Manufacturers add some excipients (including resins) during the production of medications, thereby reaching a desired pharmacological effect.

Duromine pharmaceutical form – oral capsules. Each capsule contains such inactive ingredients as magnesium stearate, iron oxide black, liquid paraffin, titanium dioxide, lactose and gelatin.

Duromine capsules are available in three doses – 15mg, 30mg and 40mg. Capsules of different doses differ from each other by color and contain additional inactive components.

  • Capsules of 15mg – iron oxide yellow and brilliant blue FCF;
  • Capsules of 30mg – iron oxide red;
  • Capsules of 40mg – sunset yellow FCF and erythrosine.

Active ingredient of Duromine capsules is called Phentermine and it is a psychostimulant, similar to Amphetamine by its effect. Phentermine has been used for obesity treatment for over 50 years now, and during that time, it was thoroughly studied.

Phentermine efficiency was confirmed during many clinical and post-marketing studies. Despite this, the main ingredient Phentermine sometimes causes an allergic reaction or side effects.

The excipients of Duromine capsules do not affect the main body functions; therefore, do not cause side effects. But in rare cases, the inactive substances may cause an allergic reaction in the body.

Usually, people know what substance they are allergic to. So before you buy Duromine capsules, you can consult a pharmacist and specify what kind of inactive substances this drug contains. The same question you may ask when buying Duromine on online pharmacy.

Obese people can buy Duromine capsules in such countries as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore. Please, note that Duromine capsules are not available in other countries of the world, for instance in the USA.

On American online pharmacies, you can buy other anti-obesity drugs containing Phentermine, such as Adipex and Suprenza. These capsules contain other inactive ingredients; therefore, doctor may recommend them if you are allergic to Duromine.