Diet as a way of life

Diet means “lifestyle” in translation from the Greek language. Most women perceive this word as a kind of punishment, refusal of everything tasty. The diet for them is from the category “Beauty requires sacrifice.” In fact, temporary diets used for weight loss give a definite result, but it is short-term as a rule. In order to be beautiful, healthy and energetic, revise your diet, recognizing that the diet as a way of life is the only way to achieve constancy.

Diet for active lifestyle

People who lead an active lifestyle spend a lot of energy. Their body requires nutrients, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins for restoration.

It is necessary to separately note protein, which should make up at least 15% of the daily diet. E, C, B, beta-carotene are especially important vitamins.

Physical loads contribute to a significant loss of fluid, so people leading an active lifestyle need a large amount of water – about 3-4 liters every day. Non-carbonated mineral water, vegetable and fruit juices, unsweet compote, and green tea are excellent drinks to use.


Example of a single day diet:

  • breakfast – omelet with hard cheese, fresh vegetables, orange juice;
  • lunch – vegetable soup, a piece of chicken, a slice of wholemeal bread, a glass of skim milk;
  • dinner – baked potato with sour cream, fresh vegetable salad, a seasonal fruit.

It is necessary to consume food every 3-4 hours, so one cannot do without snacks. Yoghurt, orange, boiled egg, banana, or dried fruits are better to use for this purpose.

Diet for the healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

You should not exhaust the body with a limited diet, along with which not only extra pounds disappear, but also the desire to live. The diet as a way of life does not mean rejection of all joys, especially gastronomic ones. Just everything should be in moderation, with the mind.

The diet intended for healthy lifestyle presupposes that the number of useful foods should be more in the diet than harmful ones, for example in a ratio of 8:2.

Planning a useful diet, take into account several basic rules:

  • Drink plenty of fluids, at least 1 liter of water and 1 liter of compote, tea, or juice daily. Drink not only when you feel thirst, but constantly throughout the day, because this is the easiest way to prevent hunger.
  • Include fresh vegetables and herbs in the daily diet.
  • The body should receive a daily protein norm, which prolongs the feeling of satiety and forms muscle tissues.
  • Do not refuse from useful fats, for example Omega 3 that improve metabolism, are responsible for hormonal balance and brain function. The body expends such fats very quickly, so do not worry about extra pounds.
  • The presence of products rich in fiber: nuts, whole grains, seeds, berries, vegetables, and fruits is should necessarily be included in the diet.

It is necessary to gradually switch to the healthy lifestyle, it may take several months, but it is worth it. To begin with, you should try to refuse using mayonnaise, replace coffee with green tea, reduce the amount of sugar, and consume a wholemeal bread crust instead of a piece of a loaf.

An example of meals during the day:

  • breakfast – muesli with yoghurt, green tea with honey;
  • snack (at 10 am) – an apple, a glass of juice;
  • lunch – rice porridge, a piece of fish / meat, fresh vegetable salad;
  • snack (at 16 pm) – tea without sugar and a few biscuits;
  • dinner – a legume porridge, for example lentil, fresh vegetables and fruits for dessert.

It is necessary to reconsider the number of servings eaten and buy new small plates if possible.

Diet for sedentary lifestyle

Office workers most often lead sedentary lifestyle, so they, like no one else should control their diet, otherwise excess weight and health problems will not keep waiting.

The diet, intended for a sedentary lifestyle, allows to consume no more than 2,000 kcal per day. Fundamental rules:

  • Refusal from fast food.
  • Snack should be beneficial. Replace cakes, sweets and cookies for fresh fruits, sour-milk products.
  • It is better to cook lunch at home to take it at work.
  • Less coffee and tea, more water and fresh-squeezed juices.
  • Cook food avoiding frying. It is better to bake in the oven, boil, and use a food steamer or multi-cooker.

An approximate daily diet for inactive people is as follows:

  • perfect breakfast: oatmeal made with water or low-fat milk with fruits (dried fruits), nuts, candied fruits;
  • snack: a glass of drinking yogurt or low-fat kefir;
  • lunch: vegetable stew, a slice of turkey, and fresh vegetable salad;
  • snack: a banana or a serving of fruit salad;
  • dinner: grilled chicken with vegetables.

However, the main law for those who lead a sedentary way of life – is more movements! Only an active lifestyle will give more joy, impressions, emotions and positive memories.