Just like other developed countries, Australia shows a rapid increase in obesity rates. Key factors in the growth of obesity prevalence in Australia are:

  • Increase of access to affordable high-caloric foods.
  • Increase in the number of Australians, leading a sedentary lifestyle.

In 2016, the problem of obesity in Australia affects all age groups, and unfortunately, the number of children, adults and older Australians, suffering from overweight and obesity, is increasing every year.

Particularly high levels of obesity are seen in elderly men aged 55 to 74 years. Approximately 35% of men in this age group have obesity, and approximately 40-45% are overweight.

Duromine is the best prescription diet pills available in the Australian pharmaceutical market.

Over the past few decades, Duromine helped millions of Australians to achieve real success in the fight against obesity. It is therefore not surprising that Duromine is a well-known brand among both young and older obese Australians.

The secret of the incredible Duromine success in Australia lies in the fact that these diet pills affect one of the major causes of obesity – Uncontrolled Appetite!

The level of obesity in middle-aged Australians is lower than in the elderly, but it continues to grow rapidly. Today, approximately:
25% middle-aged men and women have obesity.
30% adult women
40% adult men are overweight.

The problem of childhood obesity in Australia is no less urgent than obesity in adults and elderly. Statistical data show that the level of obesity in school-age children has reached 25%.

At the same time, the growth rate of childhood obesity in Australia remains high, and in the next decade the number of Australian children, who have problems with excessive weight, will increase significantly.

Today, Australian doctors offer several ways to solve the problem of obesity, including medical weight loss method. For a quick weight loss, the Australians most often use prescription or non-prescription appetite suppressants.

Duromine very quickly eliminates the painful hunger and forces people to limit the consumption of hyper-palatable, cheap fast food, with energy-dense, and very high in fat.

Duromine pills have several important advantages that distinguish them from other diet pills, available in Australian pharmacies.

  • Firstly, Duromine may be used for the treatment of adolescent obesity and obesity in elderly age.
  • Secondly, Duromine helps to significantly reduce the consumption of unhealthy types of dietary fat and sugars since the very first days.
  • Thirdly, Duromine helps reducing body weight by 5-15% of the original in just a few weeks.

Duromine brand is very popular in Australia but little known elsewhere. For example, very popular weight loss pills in the USA are Ionamin, which are very similar to Duromine pills.

Duromine & Ionamin

Duromine and Ionamin are similar by the fact that both these drugs contain the same active ingredient Phentermine. Just like Duromine, Ionamin is prescribed to control appetite in obese men and women of 12 years and older.

Ionamin drug was never sold in the Australian pharmacies, but some online pharmacies accept orders for its delivery to almost any country in the world. Therefore, if desired, any Australian resident may buy Ionamin online, and get these weight loss pills by mail.

Despite the fact that Ionamin is not sold in Australia, it is included in the ARTG, as an exported weight loss product. According to the information, published in the public domain, Ionamin is exported from Australia to Singapore.

Duromine and Ionamin are very popular, but not the only brand names for Phentermine-containing pills.
  • Another popular brand for Phentermine in Australia is Metermine.
  • In the USA, Phentermine-containing weight loss pills are known under the brand name Adipex-P.

Despite the fact that Phentermine (Duromine, Metermine) is very popular in Australia, not every obese Australian may use these weight loss pills for a quick weight loss.

The anorectic agent Phentermine has a few contraindications, and it may cause potentially dangerous side effects. Therefore, Phentermine availability in Australian pharmacies, does not guarantee the possibility of its use for the treatment of obesity.
Men and women trying to fight obesity, in who Phentermine (Duromine, Metermine, Ionamin, Adipex-P) is contraindicated, are forced to use less powerful, but safer diet pills, which are sold without a prescription.

The modern market offers a variety of over the counter (OTC) weight loss pills. However, many high-performance and safe OTC weight loss supplements may be ordered online from the comfort of your home.


Phen375 are some of the best weight loss pills, available for each obese Australian without a prescription.

It’s been only 7 years since Phen375 first came into the market. But this time was enough for Phen375 to become the best selling weight loss pills not only in Australia, but also in dozens of other countries around the world.

Phentermine and Phen375 have an important similarity, which lies in the fact that both of these medicines help to lose weight due to the suppression of appetite and hunger.

The main difference between these weight loss pills is that one dose of Phentermine helps controlling appetite throughout the entire day, while one Phen375 pill does not work more than 4-6 hours.

To reduce the caloric content of the main meals, refuse frequent snacking and reduce the frequency of binge eating, Phen375 should be taken at least twice a day.

Besides the fact that weight loss pills Phen375 regulate appetite, they also promote:

  • Thermogenesis activation
  • Metabolism intensification

By stimulating the metabolic effects, of Phen375 triggers the mechanism of calories burning, thus speeding up the breakdown of fat cells.

To make the weight loss process as efficient and simple as possible, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations for Phen375 use. Compliance with the recommendations will help accelerate the process of weight loss and return of beauty and harmony to the body.

The multi-faceted mechanism of action is achieved due to the fact that the composition of Phen375 includes several natural active ingredients.

Phen375 Formula for Europe

The formula of Phen375, developed for European consumers, includes:

  • L-Carnitine – turns fat into energy.
  • Caffeine – suppresses appetite.
  • Cayenne Capsicum – stimulates thermogenesis.
  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract – improves digestion.

Powerful Supplements for Usa & Australia

A special formula of Phen375 is developed for the residents of the US and Australia, which includes two powerful natural metabolic boosters:

  • Citrus Aurantium extract – activates metabolic effects.
  • Coleus Forskohlii Root – stimulates the metabolic process of fat digestion.

When you buy Phen375 in Australia, you choose an incredibly powerful, but safe blend of natural ingredients that provide a gradual and sustainable weight loss due to the anorectic, thermogenic, fat burning and metabolic effects.

Phen375 diet pills have one manufacturer and one supplier. Therefore, when ordering Phen375 online in Australia, you do not pay the trade margins of pharmaceutical distributors, and buy these diet pills at a minimum price, set by the manufacturer.

For more information about how to get free Phen375 diet pills in Australia, please ask your questions online, or contact the telephone support service at a convenient time for you.